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Our contracts are so much more than just protection for you in the event everything hits the fan. Did you know the right contracts can also help you make money and save time? Or that great contracts can empower you to build better relationships with your clients?

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Business owners tell us every day that clients are asking them to do things outside of their scope of work. Or blowing up their phones after hours. Or cancelling ongoing services with little to no notice. They’re doing work they’re not getting paid for and losing business.

With our contracts, you'll have a detailed scope of work, crystal clear boundaries, and tight payment and termination terms. Without client overreach or scope creep, you have more time to take on additional clients. Strong payment terms mean clients are pushed to pay on time without you chasing them, and you decide how much notice clients need to give you before cancellation.

We'll also help you prep for your next launch. Offering installment payments for your mastermind? We'll help protect you in the event someone defaults on payment or wants to cancel early. Templates or downloads come with purchase of your course? We'll protect all of your intellectual property, too.

These aren’t the questionable free contracts you pulled off the internet or got from your coach or course. 😉 These contracts will not only give you the legal protection you need, they'll also help you take your business to the next level.

Click below to get started. Need both client contracts and contracts for new offers? Start with client contracts, and we'll guide you from there. You can also search by keyword or browse all of our contracts by scrolling down.

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Video tutorials explain important provisions so you understand your options with each client and know what you're asking clients to agree to. The tutorials will also tell you what info you need to include and where.

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Follow the step-by-step instructions, knock these out quickly, and get ready for clients!

Fill-in-the-blank and completely customizable.

All contracts come with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial. Quick and easy!
  • Contract templates are Word documents you can customize with brand fonts & colors
  • Contracts can be dropped into Dubsado, copied and pasted into Honey Book, or used with any electronic signature service
  • Yellow highlights indicate where you need to fill in info specific to you and your client
  • Blue highlights give you different options depending on your client. You'll have different scope, term, and payment options so you can use the same contract template for each client, just tweaking as necessary.
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