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Contract protection for coaching individually or in groups

From business coaches, to mindset, money, life, health, and fitness coaches, every coach we’ve worked with has had similar problems with clients. Coaches tell us clients are asking for refunds midway through programs, defaulting on installment payments, and wanting unreasonable access to them, causing them to lose time and money.

Our coaching contracts protect your payments and your boundaries. You decide if and when clients can cancel, whether you’ll give refunds and under what circumstances, and exactly how you’re available to clients. With our contracts, you’ll not only get the legal protection you need, you’ll also get the time, sanity, and energy protection you crave.


Coaching Clients Individually (1:1)

When you work with clients very closely, the line between coach and client and coach and friend can get blurry. You need strong individual coaching contracts that establish firm boundaries so your clients know what to expect when they work with you. They’ll know too what they need to do in order to get the most out of your services, and you’ll be protected if they don’t hold up their end of the bargain. 1:1 coaches also need very strong disclaimers protecting them from clients thinking they’d achieve certain results (e.g. weight loss, skyrocketing income, more clients, etc.), or thinking the coaching is medical/financial/certified nutrition, etc. advice. Our contracts will protect your boundaries and your business.

Group Coaching

If you're running a group program, strong contracts are just as important as if you were working with clients individually.

Without the close individual relationship you have with 1:1 clients, group program participants are sometimes more likely to ghost on installment payments because they don't "know" you.

You need to protect yourself in the event of failed payments, set clear boundaries for how and when you're available to the group, limit access to group materials, protect your original content, and so much more.

The Group Program Terms of Use goes in your checkout as something participants have to click before they can complete their purchase, binding them to the terms, and allowing you to have the same protection you'd have if they signed a 1:1 contract.

Both Individual and Group Coaching

If you’re coaching both 1:1 and in groups, you need contracts that reflect the nuances of both types of coaching. You’re available to your 1:1 clients in a very different capacity than your group program participants, and your contracts for both types of programs need to reflect this. The structure of your 1:1 services is likely very different than your group programs, as are the materials provided to clients in both types of programs. 1:1 coaching and group coaching are both coaching, sure, but in legal terms, they’re very different, and you need contracts to protect you for both types. Our Deluxe Bundle is our most cost-effective way of protecting your growing coaching business because you’ll get the 1:1 and group coaching contracts you need, plus the website policies you need to protect your site and comply with the law.