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Client Services Bundle

Client contract + web policies for online service providers with a website

Client Services Bundle


Save $200 on our bundle vs. purchasing each contract individually!

If you are an online service provider, you need a comprehensive client contract that protects you legally, clearly outlines the scope of your client relationship so you’re protected against the dreaded scope creep every OSP has experienced at least once, has strong payment terms, defined boundaries, states who owns what, and more. Our client services agreement is flexible enough that you can use it for whatever services you’re providing, even if services differ from client to client. This bundle will also give you the webpage policies you need to protect your site and comply with the law.

For online service providers, the best way to prevent misunderstandings and minimize the risk of scope creep (and the corresponding loss of time and money) is a strong contract that spells out exactly what you’re doing for a client and when. You may already use a proposal in your business, and that’s completely fine, provided you also have clients agree to a contract. A proposal does not give you any legal protection, and just using a proposal is a recipe for disaster (trust us, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories).

You need a contract that lists deadlines and milestones, but gives you a buffer if a client doesn’t give you the info you need in a timely manner. You also need strong contracts to protect you from clients walking in the middle of a project, especially if you’ve invested significant time and resources on the frontend.

We’ve worked with countless OSP’s and we’ve drafted our Client Services Agreement to be as protective of you and the way you work as possible.
This bundle also includes the policies you need to protect your website:

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant Privacy Policy (compliant with US, Canada, Australia and EU data privacy laws)
  • Webpage Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms and Conditions Policy

A Privacy Policy is a legal requirement for all webpages collecting personal information (yours does). Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions webpage policies are important to shield your business and webpage from liability, dictate what behavior is allowed on your webpage, and protect all of your website content from theft

This bundle also includes video tutorials for each template to walk you through customization of these policies as quickly as possible, so you understand what you’re posting on your webpage.

All in time investment for client contract plus webpage policies= less than 45 minutes if you watch all video tutorials. Your webpage policies can be knocked out in 10 minutes.

If you provide any online services for clients (unless you’re a virtual assistant or social media manager, see our contracts specifically for you), and you have a website, this bundle is the most cost-effective way of protecting both you and your website.