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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Use this contract for creating an online affiliate program where affiliates make commission from sales through their affiliate links.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions


Affiliate programs are a great way to make passive income while also (passively) promoting your brand to a larger audience. However, it’s critical that whenever you’re starting an affiliate program, you have all affiliates agree to a contract that will protect your intellectual property while outlining commission structure (and protecting you in the event of late or default payments from the purchaser) and governs their behavior with respect to your brand. Affiliates are publicly connected to your brand so ensuring adherence to your guidelines is essential. 


Time to complete contract: 15 minutes.

Offering other business owners the opportunity to make commissions while promoting your products is an excellent way of making passive income. It also gives your brand exposure to potential clients outside of your current audience.


Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions are essential any time you’re creating an affiliate program. Affiliates are ambassadors for your brand, and as such, need to abide by certain guidelines, especially if they’re going to have access to your branding and your content (i.e. your intellectual property). You want to ensure your products and services are promoted in an acceptable manner, and that you’re tagged wherever possible so you’re not only getting audience exposure, you also can monitor how someone is promoting your business.


This Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions is a comprehensive contract that will outline commission structure and payments, your branding guidelines, affiliate roles and responsibilities, protect your business from liability and also protect your intellectual property, and more.

Are you creating an affiliate program that will be connected to your website or a landing page? Where affiliates will have a unique link to your website and earn commissions through sales from that link? Then, yes, this is the contract for you.

If you’re creating a referral program, whereby you will pay another business owner for referrals that result in conversions (no application or unique link to your website involved), you should choose instead our Referral Program Agreement template.