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Deluxe Coaching Bundle

For coaches who coach 1:1, in groups, and have a website

Deluxe Coaching Bundle


Save over $500 with this bundle vs. purchasing contracts individually!

For the coach who is crushing it-or intends to-our Deluxe Coaching Bundle will give you the contracts you need to coach 1:1, offer group programs, protect all of your content (including freebies), protect your website, and comply with all laws.

If you’re coaching both 1:1 and in groups, you need contracts that reflect the nuances of both types of coaching. You’re available to your 1:1 clients in a very different capacity than your group program participants, and your contracts for both types of programs need to reflect this. The structure of your 1:1 services is likely very different than your group programs, as are the materials provided to clients in both types of programs. 1:1 coaching and group coaching are both coaching, sure, but in legal terms, they’re very different, and you need contracts to protect you for both types.

Our Deluxe Bundle is our most cost-effective way of protecting your growing coaching business because you’ll get the 1:1 and group coaching contracts you need, plus the website policies you need to protect your site and comply with the law, and for health and fitness coaches specifically-the disclaimer you can add to all of your downloads and marketing materials for an extra layer of protection.

Included in this coaching bundle:

  • 1:1 Coaching Agreement
  • Group Program Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy for your webpage (legal requirement!)
  • Terms and Conditions for your webpage
  • Disclaimer Policy for your webpage
  • Disclaimer for Health and Fitness Coaches (extra layer of protection for health and fitness coaches’ freebies, marketing materials, Facebook groups, etc. )
  • Intellectual Property provision (pop this onto your freebies and all digital downloads for extra protection from theft)

This bundle also includes video tutorials for each contract and website policy to walk you through how to customize the documents, as well as explain all of the important provisions, so you know exactly what you’re asking clients to sign.

If you’re doing both 1:1 coaching and group coaching, or intend to add one or the other in the future, this is our most comprehensive package that will protect you, your coaching business, and your website. Even if you don’t do both types of coaching right now, you’ll save $500 on this bundle versus purchasing contracts individually.