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I’d like to think I’m the anti-lawyer, an attorney with the expertise and the skill set to get you legally compliant and protect your business, but with a minimal amount of legalese, no billable hours, and an attitude of “let’s get this done as quickly and painlessly as possible,” so you can get back to running your business.

I’m a solopreneur too and understand the struggle of trying to balance a million different things. Legal unfortunately falls to the bottom of the priority list for so many entrepreneurs, something you plan to get to at some vague point in the future. Unfortunately, not prioritizing legal means you don’t have the right contracts in place so you’re unprotected in the event of a dispute. What if a client is dissatisfied with your coaching program and sues you, claiming you promised her results and didn’t deliver? What if you design a beautiful website for a client who then ghosts you without paying you? It is critically important to get your legal ducks in a row ASAP to protect yourself and your business.

A Little About Me 

While I sometimes appreciated the intellectual challenge of working in a law firm, and the knowledge and expertise gained is invaluable, it never was a great fit for my personality. I’ve always hated the billable hour because to me, it disincentivizes people from working smarter, not harder. Also, I’d rather be riding a horse through the Cuban countryside (see our Instagram for travel pics) than deposing a small business owner just trying to do the right thing for 8 hours. ????

I’ve also always believed that when equipped with the right information and the right tools, business owners can DIY much of what they need to in order to protect their business. I started Solivagant Legal from this perspective: how could I help as many business owners as possible protect their businesses in a way that was quick, cost-effective, and not overwhelming? And, what resources could I provide so business owners in my community not only protect their businesses, but feel confident that they’re fully in compliance with all relevant laws, and know how to handle all of the other legal nuances of their business-from copyright, to trademarks, and more?

I’m American, but starting this location-independent business allowed me to move abroad and travel full time, one of my biggest passions. I also wanted to be my own boss (this INTJ does not like taking orders ????) and help a larger number of people than I could when I was practicing law. Redefining business casual didn’t hurt either; one of my happiest solopreneur moments to date was packing up and donating all of my suits and “court clothes.”

In addition to helping entrepreneurs, I started Follicly Challenged to help women experiencing hair loss. If you’re one of the 40% of women who have experienced visible hair loss by age 40, stay tuned for more information. I think it will be an incredibly helpful resource for you.

Thanks for being here and being a part of our community!



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