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Social Media Management Client Services Agreement

Client contract for social media management services

Social Media Management Client Services Agreement


As a social media manager, you may be doing everything from finding ideal clients, to engaging on behalf of a client, to creating social media graphics, to planning and scheduling posts, to developing an overall social media strategy. You need a strong contract that is drafted for your unique services offerings, and is flexible enough that you can use it for all of your clients, regardless of whether they’re paying you hourly or are on retainer, and whether your services for each client differ. A general client services agreement isn’t going to cover all of the little nuances important to SMM’s (e.g. rounds of revision, approval time, who writes captions, what engagement entails for each client, establishing reasonable expectations, and so much more). Our contracts do, and will not only give you the legal protection you need, they’ll also help you prevent scope creep and client overreach.

If you are managing social media for a client, you are juggling so many different tasks, and a ton of responsibility. You are at times acting as your client on multiple social media platforms, finding and engaging with ideal clients, posting on the client’s behalf, creating original content, and so much more. Standard contracts aren’t going to have the level of detail you need to protect yourself from scope creep and client overreach (how many times did you have to change that one graphic for that nightmare client? 😳)

Even if you give prospective clients a detailed proposal, that’s not enough to protect yourself. Proposals only give the highlights of what you plan to do. They don’t provide nearly the level of detail that your contract’s scope of work will, and they don’t give you any legal protection. You need a contract with disclaimers absolving you from clients with unrealistic expectations (why didn’t you grow their following by 10k in a week?), a contract that will establish firm boundaries with your clients so they know when, how, and how often you’re available. If clients know your boundaries at the outset of a relationship, they’re much more likely to respect them, and you’re less likely to end up in a situation where there are misunderstandings or disputes.

Our Social Media Management Client Services Agreement will give you the legal protection you need, while also outlining exactly what services you’ll provide clients, what your client can and cannot expect from your services, how and when you’ll get paid and what happens if the client is late or fails to pay, as well as defined your boundaries so to when and how you’re available, so you don’t feel constantly at a client’s beck and call.

Time to complete your contract: less than 40 minutes (includes time to watch the video tutorial)

If you provide any sort of social media services for clients, including:

  • Engagement
  • Creating posts
  • Managing profiles
  • Identifying and targeting ideal clients

Then absolutely you do. A proposal will not adequately protect you. If you’re also doing personal assistant work, or any other non-social media online services, check out our Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement. This contract is broader as far as services offerings you’ll need if you’re doing work beyond social media management.