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Course Creators Bundle

Contract for pre-recorded course creators, plus website policies

Course Creators Bundle


Save $200 with this bundle vs. buying contracts individually!

If you’re creating courses or digital products, strong contract terms protecting you from your content being stolen, refund requests, payment defaults and more are absolutely essential. Most of the time, you don’t have a one-on-one relationship with people purchasing your courses, so you need a contract that binds them to its terms without you actually getting them to sign one. Our Content Creators Bundle gives you the strong contract you need for your course, that you can pop right into your course’s checkout, plus the website policies you need to protect your site and comply with the law (No Privacy Policy=potential fines, issues with Stripe and Google Analytics!)

When you are selling products or courses through your webpage, you don’t have the ability to have your users physically sign a contract agreeing to terms regarding the use of your products or courses. The beauty of our course contract (called a Terms of Use for Online Courses), is that it goes in your checkout as something purchasers have to agree to before they can complete their purchase, which in turn binds them to its terms as if they’d hand-signed it. You now get to dictate whether you’ll give refunds and under what conditions, who can access your courses, what happens if their payment fails, and so much more. You’ve also protected your original content from theft or resharing, and yourself from someone initiating a chargeback with their credit card company if they decide they no longer want the course.

This Terms of Use contract covers (among other important provisions):

  • Payment terms, including what payments you accept, what happens in the event a payment is declined or a customer attempts a chargeback
  • Refund policy
  • Subscriptions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Important disclaimers

In addition, this bundle comes with the website policies you need to protect your site and comply with the law:

  • Privacy Policy (a legal requirement; without this, you are vulnerable to fines)
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

You’ll also get an intellectual property protection bonus with this bundle. This is a short (but mighty) paragraph you can place on any e-books, printables, or other original content you create. By attaching this language, you’re putting possible infringers on notice that you take your IP rights seriously. You don’t want people pirating your work, either by stealing it completely, or taking it apart and reselling it. It will also protect you from people innocently sharing your work and crediting you, because by expressly saying you don’t authorize sharing of your content without prior permission, you are putting everyone on notice that your permission is required first.

Time to complete contract + website policies= less than 40 minutes (includes time to watch all video tutorials, so even less if you don’t watch the website policy tutorials)

If you’re creating pre-recorded courses, meaning every element of the course is pre-recorded (you’re not running a live program where you’re teaching in real time), this bundle is the most cost-effective way of protecting your digital products , courses, and website. If you’re running live group programs, on the other hand, you’ll want our Live Group Program Bundle, which is designed specifically for live courses.