Work with Mairin 1:1


For online business owners who need a completely custom approach, my DFY services provide the detailed, comprehensive, precision approach you need to take your business to the next level.

  • Custom contract review and new contract drafting
  • Complete new business set up including LLC formation
  • Custom legal masterclass for your program or course
  • Deep dive audit of your business
  • Book packages or a la carte; payment plans available

Working with Me 1:1 : Process and Packages

CEO Legal Foundations Package

*A comprehensive deep dive into your business*

Whether you are brand new to business, or have scaled quickly and haven't had time to work with a lawyer, or feel totally overwhelmed by all things legal and your business and just want everything DFY so you don't even have to think about legal, this package is for you.

This package includes:

  • 1 hour call with Mairin to discuss your business in detail. This is a deep dive and an audit to identify any risks and vulnerabilities, as well as identify what you need legally, and prioritize what needs to happen first. We'll address your business goals as well as any issues you've had in the past (e.g. late payments, clients ghosting, scope creep). Our goal is holistic protection: not only will we legally protect you, your business, your payments, and your content, we'll also protect your energy and your boundaries. We'll address any nagging legal questions you have. Massive peace of mind for you in an hour!
  • Once we've completed your audit, you'll have a detailed, prioritized plan of action. With the remaining hours in your package (up to 8), I'll get to work on your priority list. Priority lists will vary, but hours in a package could cover a brand's trademark registration and custom client services agreement, or two custom contracts, for example.
  • Anything on your list that exceeds the package hours can be purchased a la carte, which we'll discuss after we do your business audit.
  • Pay in full, or in 3 payments of $1670.
  • Quick start. This is for the business owner who is beyond ready to fully protect their brand and their business, and wants to start ASAP. You'll complete the contract, pay your invoice (or first installment payment if you opt for installments), and book your deep dive audit call now, and we can get started.

$5000 USD Pay in full or three installments of $1670 USD


A la Carte Options


After we speak, I'll email you a recap of our conversation and exact pricing info. If it's aligned for both of us, we'll go from there!


LLC Formation

LLCs are one of the best and most versatile business entities for small businesses, protecting your personal assets in the event your business is sued. STARTING AT $750 (exclusive of government filing fee)


Contract Review

Have a prospect return a contract with red line edits from their lawyer? Want an expert assessment of a contractor or vendor's contract before you sign? Need contract updates? STARTING AT $750


Custom Contract(s) Drafted

Contracts drafted specifically for your business and your service, offer, or hire. We'll have a call before I start which will cover your services in detail, including any issues you've had in the past (e.g. late payments, scope creep, early cancellation requests, etc.) Your contract(s) will be delivered as a Google Doc in a Google Drive just for you, along with a custom video tutorial walking you through the most important provisions of the contract so you know what they mean and how to make quick edits yourself. STARTING AT $2.5k


Copyright/Cease & Desist

Looking to copyright your content (e.g. webpage content, ebook you've published, etc.)? I'll register you work with the U.S. Copyright Office. Have issues with a copycat? Has someone copied your content, your sales page, your services, or your webpage? We'll troubleshoot the problem, which will likely include a cease and desist letter. STARTING AT $750



Whether you just need a name cleared before you launch or want an assessment of the likelihood of a name successfully trademarking (see our Trademark Clearance Search), or you want to register your brand, course, program, podcast, and/or logo, head to our Trademarks page for info on the process, the investment, and to get started!


Additional Ways to Work Together

Legal Masterclasses

Launching a group program or course and need a legal expert to teach a class tailored specifically to the needs of your audience? Book your legal masterclass with me and have an incredible value-add for your clients you can repurpose in future offerings, too.

Legal masterclasses are taught live for your audience, with a Q&A session for your clients at the end. Each masterclass is developed specifically for the unique needs of your audience, based on the results your clients provide via a Google Form sent to your audience prior to the class.

You also have the option to become a Solivagant Legal affiliate so if any of your clients buy contract templates through your affiliate link as a result of the masterclass, you'll receive a commission. Please reach out to discuss masterclasses!



Would you like to offer your clients my contract templates directly? Licensing is relationship-driven, but for the right fit, licensing can be a great upsell. You can include licensed contracts in your offer, and your clients will get a unique discount code for my website allowing them to download the contracts directly from my site. Please contact us for more details.

Book a Power Hour

In your Power Hour call with Mairin, we can audit your business to identify and address any gaps and vulnerabilities, answer your legal questions, or develop a strategy for the growth and protection of your business as you scale. Power Hours are best suited for business owners who have their contracts sorted, but have other legal questions.