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In-Person Retreat Contract

Contract for hosting an in-person retreat

In-Person Retreat Contract


Retreats can be incredibly powerful, transformative events, but whenever you’re hosting clients in-person, risk and potential liability increase significantly, so you need to protect yourself and your business accordingly. What happens if someone is injured at your retreat? Who pays the medical bills? What if an attendee has their stuff stolen? Are you responsible? What happens if the retreat center has to cancel? Do you have to refund everyone who has already paid? What if someone defaults on their payment installments? All of the above are real-life retreat scenarios. Protect yourself with our comprehensive In-Person Retreat Contract.

Whenever you’re hosting people in person, the risk of injury (and potential liability for you), increases dramatically.


This contract will not only protect you legally, it will also help you think through and make important decisions in advance: everything from what is your process if someone is injured (where’s the closest hospital? Is there a doctor on-site? The contract will also state that the attendee is responsible for their own medical bills) to what your retreat will cover, and so much more. This goes into much more detail than just food and transportation, with a detailed section around cancellation. This will allow you to think through how and when and under what circumstances someone can cancel their enrollment in your retreat. You’ll also be prompted to think through your refund policy, and whether if the retreat has to be postponed, attendees will be refunded, or automatically shifted to the new retreat date.


The contract covers intellectual property, protecting all of the retreat materials you create, as well as your marketing and promo. It also includes important disclaimers (liability shields) for you around not just physical activities like yoga, but also any alternative healing modalities like reiki and intuitive sessions. This is very important to ensure that you’re not held responsible or financially responsible should anything go wrong; it also puts attendees on notice that they’re responsible for their own decisions, assume all the risk of their decisions, and that nothing you’re offering at the retreat is a substitute for medical advice (a v. important CYA, especially with alternative healing modalities).


This contract also has a built-in media release, allowing you to take photos and video of retreat events and use later for a commercial purpose (e.g. promoting the retreat on social media). It also puts parameters around how attendees can use any photos and video they take at your retreat. Most other retreat contracts exclude any mention of media.


If you’ve been running retreats and using a waiver or a release, or using a free Retreat Contract (and honestly, most paid retreat contracts, too) that’s only giving you bare bones protection. Waivers and releases aren’t covering things like what happens if someone defaults on an installment plan, or protecting your original retreat content like retreat materials. Free retreat contracts don’t include the level of detail you need around what’s being offered, your payments, cancellations and postponements, and more. Our Retreat Contract is extremely comprehensive, and ready for clients in under 30 minutes.

If you’re planning on hosting an in-person retreat, whether it be at your location, or a destination retreat, this contract is essential to protect you, your business, your payments, and more. If your retreat is entirely virtual, meaning there is no in-person component, you should opt for our Paid Webinar/Masterclass/Workshop contract.