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1:1 Coaching Bundle

Contract for coaching clients 1:1. For coaches with a website

1:1 Coaching Bundle


Save $200 purchasing this bundle vs. contracts individually!

When you work with clients very closely 1:1, it’s easy to cross the coach vs. friend line. In order to protect your boundaries, you need a strong contract so clients know what to expect when they work with you and what they need to do in order to get the most out of your services. From a legal standpoint, beyond the basics, you also need protection from default payments, early cancellations, and clients claiming you promised certain results they didn’t achieve. You need your content protected, and you need your reputation protected if things go south, too. Free templates or templates you got from your coaching course won’t cut it here (sorry, but we’ve reviewed countless coaching agreements, and they’ve all had major holes). With this bundle, you’ll get the strong 1:1 contract you need, plus the policies you need to protect your website.

Coaches who work with clients 1:1 tell us their biggest problems when it comes to clients and their business are lack of boundaries and payment issues. Given the time and resource investment on your part when you work with clients individually, it’s especially important that you have a strong contract that outlines exactly what you’ll be providing your clients, how and when you’re available (and when you’re not), what they can expect from you, and what they can’t expect (e.g. a guarantee that they’ll lose weight, make money, get clients, etc.).

Our 1:1 contract will give you step-by-step instructions on how to establish firm boundaries with clients (we think about the smallest details like how many times a client can request postponements, or how many times a day you’ll check your Voxer/email/Slack, so you don’t have to ). In our experience, clients are much more likely to respect boundaries if they know what the boundaries are at the outset of the relationship.

You’ll get the strong legal protection you need, while also having the flexibility to set different terms and different services, depending on the particular client. You can decide whether you want to offer refunds, and we’ll guide you to make very tight refund parameters if you do. You’ll set clear terms as to if and when clients can cancel and how much notice they have to give you. If clients default on payments, you’ll be able to charge late fees if you like, and terminate their access if they still refuse to pay, without forfeiting what they still owe you.

In short, our 1:1 agreement is going to protect your time, your boundaries, and your payments.

This bundle will also provide you with the website policies you need in order to comply with the law, protect you, and protect your website’s content. Coaches especially need strong Disclaimer policies on their websites saying everything is for informational purposes only, isn’t medical advice, and any testimonials are the results of one client only.

With this bundle, you’ll get:

  • Privacy Policy for your webpage: legal requirement!
  • Terms and Conditions Policy protecting your content from theft
  • Disclaimer Policy protecting you from someone misusing your information
  • 1:1 Coaching Agreement

You’ll also get video tutorials walking you through customizing the contract and website policies, and also explaining important provisions so you’ll know exactly what you’re asking clients to sign.

Time to complete all contracts & website policies=less than an hour

If you’re coaching 1:1 and have a website, this is the bundle for you. If you do both 1:1 and group coaching, or might do group coaching in the future, check out our Deluxe Coaching Bundle. You’ll save over $500 purchasing the bundle versus the contracts individually, so it’s more cost-effective for you overall.