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1:1 Coaching Agreement

Contract for coaching clients 1:1. For coaches who don't have a website, or don't need webpage policies

1:1 Coaching Agreement


When you work with clients very closely 1:1, it’s easy to cross the coach vs. friend line. In order to protect your boundaries, you need a strong contract so clients know what to expect when they work with you and what they need to do in order to get the most out of your services. From a legal standpoint, beyond the basics, you also need protection from default payments, early cancellations, and clients claiming you promised certain results they didn’t achieve. You need your content protected, and you need your reputation protected if things go south, too. Free templates or templates you got from your coaching course won’t cut it here (sorry, but we’ve reviewed countless coaching agreements, and they’ve all had major holes). With this bundle, you’ll get the strong 1:1 contract you need so your time, boundaries, content, and payments are all protected.

Unfortunately, we hear all the time about coaches running their coaching business without proper contracts in place, believing a coaching agreement is an unnecessary expense when can use another coach’s agreement or a free template they found on the internet.

This is so dangerous. 😬 Free coaching contracts don’t adequately protect you. We’ve audited a ton, and they have huge gaping holes that leave you vulnerable not only to clients bailing without notice (and without recourse for you to recoup the outstanding payments), but also to lawsuits.

Here’s what I mean. Running your coaching business without a solid 1:1 contract means a client could ghost you and refuse to pay, and you’re left trying to chase them, with limited remedies available. Second, you’re operating without proper disclaimers in place, so you haven’t limited your liability should a client misuse information you present and suffer damages, or have unrealistic expectations of what they can achieve through your program or services.

On the less scary side, without a document stating your boundaries and your expectations of clients, client overreach is likely, as are misunderstandings about what clients could expect from your coaching services.

Our coaching agreement is comprehensive and detailed and will cover, amongst other things:

  • Frequency of meetings and communication methods to protect you from a client who wants 24/7 access to you
  • Payment terms, including late and missed payments, and refunds
  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • Confidentiality
  • A built-in testimonial release so you can use client testimonials in your marketing
  • Disclaimer and limitation of liability.

Time to complete contract: less than 45 minutes (includes the time it takes to watch the video tutorial if you decide to)

If you do any one-on-one coaching, regardless of your industry, you need this agreement ASAP. Coaching without a contract between you and your client opens you up to liability, and also leaves you vulnerable with no protections (e.g. payment default, unrealistic client expectations) in place. If you plan on adding a live group program or doing group coaching, check out our Deluxe Coaching Bundle, which also has the group program terms of use you’ll need for group coaching. You’ll save over $500 on the bundle instead of purchasing each contract individually, so it’s more cost-effective to grab the bundle now versus buying the group coaching contract later.