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Protect Your Offers

Payment, content & boundary protection for your entire product suite

Launching a new offer creates contract considerations you don’t have with your individual clients. Most of the time, you don’t already have a 1:1 relationship with the person purchasing. And apart from paid intensives, you’re dealing with multiple participants each time. You don’t have the time, means or motivation to get contracts signed by everyone in your program, class or course, but you still need to protect yourself from payment defaults, refund requests, your content being stolen, and clients wanting access to you outside of the scope of their purchase.

Pop our contracts into your checkout as something purchasers have to agree to before they can complete their purchase. Quick and easy comprehensive protection, regardless of what you’re launching.

Prepping for a 5 or 6 figure launch? Let’s make sure you protect all of those payments coming in. 😉

Protect Your Offers

In-Person Retreat

Live Group Program

If you're running a group program, strong contracts are just as important as if you were working with clients individually. Without the close individual relationship you have with 1:1 clients, group program participants are sometimes more likely to ghost on installment payments because they don't "know" you. You need to protect yourself in the event of failed payments, set clear boundaries for how and when you're available to the group, limit access to group materials, protect your original content, and so much more. The Group Program Terms of Use goes in your checkout as something participants have to click before they can complete their purchase, binding them to the terms, and allowing you to have the same protection you'd have if they signed a 1:1 contract. Running a Mastermind? You can use this Group Program Terms of Use for all of your live group programs!

Paid Webinar / Masterclass / Workshop

Pre-Recorded Course

For the course you’re evergreening, or is entirely pre-recorded (even if it was live at one time), our contracts for pre-recorded courses are your best bet. These contracts (and bundle if you have a website) protect your course content plus any downloads course purchasers get from theft, protect you if your course happens to have tech issues and is down for any period of time, limit access, protect your payments, and more. Pop this in your checkout and protect your course.

VIP Day or Paid Intensive

If you’re offering a shorter paid call or VIP Day, you may not already have a relationship with the client, so protecting yourself from payment issues is really important, especially if you’re offering the option of paying in installments. For shorter time investments like these, you also need to set proper boundaries so clients know if and how you’re available to them before, during and after any paid sessions. Pop this contract into your checkout and buyers will agree to its terms before they can complete their purchase.