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Independent Contractor Agreement

Contract for hiring a subcontractor, or if you're hiring a service provider for your business

Independent Contractor Agreement


If you plan to hire a subcontractor to help you with client work, or want to hire a service provider for some other part of your business, you need an independent contractor agreement that spells out exactly what the contractor is going to do for you and when, payment and cancellation details, and more. Also very important are strong confidentiality terms, so you’re protected from disclosure of sensitive information even after the relationship has ended. Our Independent Contractor Agreement essentially has an NDA built into the agreement, so you don’t need a separate contract for this hire in order to protect your confidential information. It also includes a non-solicitation provision to protect you from contractors trying to poach your clients or employees.

Whenever you bring someone into your business, whether to work for you on behalf of clients, or perform services for another aspect of your business, you need a document formalizing the relationship. Especially if you’re hiring a subcontractor, you want a contract with language favorable to you in the event of a dispute. Our Independent Contractor Agreement will protect your confidential information, and also includes a non-solicitation provision so contractors are prohibited from poaching your clients or employees.

This agreement will prompt you to provide a detailed scope of work, so it’s clear to both you and the service provider exactly what the contractor will be doing and when, how they need to be available to you and when, how they’re going to get paid, and all the other nuances of the relationship that need to be clearly spelled out in order to avoid misunderstandings down the road.

This contract comes with step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial so you can quickly and easily customize it for your independent contractor. If you watch the video tutorial, your time to complete the contract is less than 45 minutes.

Planning on hiring a subcontractor? Maybe you want to hire a VA, consultant, or other service provider for your business? This contract is for you. If you are taking on an employee and not an independent contractor, you’ll need a different type of contract. Please consult an employment lawyer in your area and they can help you get the right contract for your employee.