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How We Help Business Owners Protect Their Businesses

We know legal is about as fun as a visit to the dentist. We make protecting your business as quick, easy, and painless as possible.


Top quality contracts make customizing your business's most important documents easy.

​​Contracts not only protect you and your business from liability, they also protect your content from theft, your payments, your boundaries, and more.

Our contract templates are flexible and easy to implement. Our fill-in-the-blank contract templates are downloadable Word documents you can pop into Honey Book, Dubsado, or any electronic signature service. All contracts come with detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to walk you through customizing for your clients, offers, and team.

Need a DFY contract solution expertly tailored to your business, your offers, or your team? Find out more here about working with Mairin 1:1 and book a call!

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Providing the exact info, steps, and contracts you need to start and grow a business legally.

Brand new to business? Been in business awhile, but never had time to build the right legal foundation? Check out Back Pocket Legal, our signature program to help you level up legally. It’s a start-to-finish legal solution: you’ll get access to our entire contract database, learn how to set up your LLC, what you need to know about insurance, copyright, navigating social media legally, and how to trademark your brand and offers.

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Huge collection of free guides, checklists, videos & other resources.

Running an online business legally entails so much more than making sure you have the right contracts. We’ve compiled checklists, guides, short instructional videos, and webinars on our Guides & Videos page to help you navigate. Topics include everything from what not to do, based on legal mistakes we see business owners make, to how to use stock photos legally, to social media best practices, and more.

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Comprehensive brand protection. Here's how we help:

Ready to own your brand? Not only is a federal trademark the only way to comprehensively protect your brand and keep anyone in your industry from using the same or similar name, it’s also a credibility marker for you and your business. It puts both prospective clients and your competitors on notice that you take your brand seriously. Head to Trademarks for more on why a trademark is critical and how we can work together to protect your brand.

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Who We Are

(and why it matters to your business)

Hi! I’m Mairin Van Shura, founder of Solivagant Legal. With just under 18 years legal experience, I’m not your uncle who failed the bar exam five times, or your neighbor down the street who practiced family law 30 years ago, gave your contracts a skim and said, “they’re fine.” I’m a legal expert in online business, but also, a small business owner, and I live and breathe entrepreneurship and business law.

To me, entrepreneurship is freedom: the ability to chart my own course, live and travel abroad, and most importantly to business owners I help every day: the freedom to do things differently. The freedom to buck the traditional way of practicing law that just doesn’t work for busy business owners. When you’re running a business, you need direct answers and quick solutions, without having to search for and vet a lawyer, or try to research legal questions yourself, knowing you’re likely missing something critical that will put your business at risk.

Whether it’s our contracts, our courses, or working with me 1:1, we are completely transparent. You’ll always know costs and timeframes. We’ll help you level up legally so you can get back to running your business ASAP, with confidence and peace of mind, knowing you’ve fully protected yourself.

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