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Paid Webinar / Masterclass / Workshop

Contract for running a paid virtual session(s).

Paid Webinar / Masterclass / Workshop


If you’re running any type of paid virtual session, a contract (Terms of Use) is very important protect your payments, your content, your time, and your business overall. This contract can be easily dropped into your checkout which purchasers have to agree to before they can buy. This will bind them to your terms, and make clear what, if any access they have to you, all the specifics of the session, what happens in the event their payment fails, your refund policy, protection for your content (especially important if you’re offering access to a recording), and protection for you from liability.

Just because you’re not working with clients 1:1, and your virtual session might be short in duration, doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect payments you receive for the session, and all of the great content you’re sharing! This Terms of Use will go into your checkout as something your buyers have to click to agree to before they can complete their purchase. It’s also helpful to put in the footer of your sales page so potential buyers are aware of your terms before they buy.

Why is this important?

  • What happens if someone enrolls right before the session, but their payment fails?
  • How about if you offer a designated Facebook group for your workshop? Are you engaging in the group? What kind of access do buyers have to you?
  • How do you protect your content shared in the session? What about any content they can download as part of their purchase?
  • How do you control who has access to recordings?

….and so much more. This contract is versatile enough you can use it for masterclasses, workshops, challenges, or paid webinars. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you’ve fully protected yourself and all of the great content you’re sharing.

Time to complete contract: less than 30 minutes.

If you are offering a paid webinar, masterclass, or workshop to a group, this contract is for you. If you are offering a paid 1:1 virtual session or VIP Day, you need our Paid Intensive/VIP Day Terms of Use. If your virtual session is a pre-recorded course, check out our Terms of Use for Online Courses. And if your virtual session is more of a group program, meaning it’s longer than a few days, and buyers have access to you beyond just your delivery of each virtual session, you need our Group Program Terms of Use.