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Group Program Terms of Use

Contract for live group programs for coaches and OSPs.

Group Program Terms of Use


Can be used for any group program, including a Mastermind!

If you’re running a group program, strong contracts are just as important as if you were working with clients individually. You need to protect yourself in the event of failed payments, set clear boundaries for how and when you’re available to the group, limit access to group materials, protect your original content, outline how participants can get the most out of your program, and so much more. The Group Program Terms of Use included in this bundle will give you the protection you need, and you can pop it into the checkout of your sales page as something participants have to agree to before they can complete their purchase, so they’re bound to the terms, without you having to mess with individual contracts for each group member.

When you’re running a live program, your members aren’t signing individual contracts with you, but you still need legal protection. What if someone defaults on payment halfway through the program? Or wants to cancel after having already received access to program materials? This contract will protect you from payment defaults, claims participants didn’t get results they thought they were promised, and more:

  • Program details, so members know upfront the length of the program, key dates, and what to expect from you and the program itself
  • Their duties and responsibilities, and how they can get the most benefit from your program
  • Payment terms, including how you handle late payments and declined payments
  • Your refund policy
  • Protection of your intellectual property
  • Disclaimers and limitations of liability
  • What happens in the event of a dispute you can’t resolve amicably

…and more.

Time to complete contract: less than 30 minutes.

If you’re offering a live group program, this is the contract you need. If your course is entirely pre-recorded, however, you’ll need our Terms of Use for Online Courses instead. If you’re a coach who also offers 1:1 coaching or plans to in the future, you should check out our Deluxe Coaching Bundle. You’ll save over $500 with the bundle over purchasing the contracts individually, so it’s more cost-effective to grab the bundle now.