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Online Service Provider

Comprehensive protection & an end to scope creep

We work with copywriters, consultants, brand designers, web developers, OBM’s, virtual assistants, social media managers, and many other types of online service providers. Our contracts are versatile enough for all OSP’s to use, while still being comprehensive and extremely detailed. We’ve even heard from clients that the contracts have forced them (in a good way!) to think about many things that they hadn’t previously thought about.

We know scope creep can be an OSP’s biggest hurdle to scaling their business. With client overreach, your ability to take on additional clients is limited, not to mention the impact to your peace of mind and work/life balance. Our contracts will guide you in the easiest way possible to build a contract you can feel confident about that also protects your time and your energy.

Online Service Provider

Online Service Providers

For OSP’s, the best way to prevent misunderstandings and minimize the risk of scope creep (and the corresponding loss of time and money) is a strong contract that spells out exactly what you’re doing for a client and when. A contract that lists deadlines and milestones, but gives you a buffer if a client doesn’t give you the info you need in a timely manner.

You also need strong contracts to protect you from clients walking in the middle of a project, especially if you’ve invested significant time and resources on the frontend. We’ve worked with countless OSP’s and we’ve drafted our Client Services Agreement to be as protective of you and the way you work as possible. Our CSA Bundle is the most cost-effective way of simultaneously protecting your website, too.

Social Media Management

As a social media manager, you may be doing everything from engaging on behalf of a client, to creating social media graphics, to planning and scheduling posts, to developing an overall social media strategy. Our SMM contracts are drafted specifically for the way you work, your unique service offerings, and the way you charge. We cover all of the little nuances like who is paying for Later, to what engagement actually entails in real world terms, to how much time clients need to give you captions in advance, and so much more. A general client services agreement isn’t going to be detailed enough to really protect you; our SMM contract is.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have the unenviable task of balancing clients across different time zones, with some clients paying monthly and some by the hour, and with different services for each client. You need contracts that are drafted specifically for the unique ways you work.

Our VA contracts are flexible enough to be used for each client, regardless of what services you’re providing. We've worked with many VA's so we know you need contracts that prompt you to consider things like rollover hours, how and with how much notice clients can cancel, and how clients can add on hours outside of your packages if you want. Our contracts will guide you every step of the way.

And once you’re ready to scale and hire subcontractors? Our VA bundles include independent contractor agreements for your subcontractors, while our Deluxe Bundle also includes the website policies you need to protect your website and comply with the law.