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Virtual Assistant Deluxe Bundle

Client contract + web polices + independent contractor agreement for VAs with a website

Virtual Assistant Deluxe Bundle


Save $500 on our bundle vs. purchasing each contract individually!

If you are a virtual assistant with a website, and you plan on hiring subcontractors to help provide services to your clients, our Virtual Assistant Deluxe Bundle is the most cost-effective way of protecting yourself, your business and your website. This bundle includes the contract you need to give to your clients (Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement), the contract you need to hire subcontractors (Independent Contractor Agreement) and the webpage policies you need to both protect your website and ensure it is legally compliant (and avoid potential fines for not having the right policies in place).

For virtual assistants who are scaling their business and ready to hire, our VA Deluxe Bundle is the best option to protect yourself when working with clients and subcontractors, your website, and your business.

With our Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement, you’ll clearly outline what services you’ll provide, what your client can and cannot expect from your services, how and when you’ll get paid, how and when a client can cancel, as well as define your boundaries so to when and how you’re available, so you don’t feel constantly at a client’s beck and call.

This bundle also includes the Independent Contractor Agreement you need should you decide to hire a subcontractor to help perform services for a client.

In addition, the webpage policies included within this bundle will get your website legally protected and compliant:

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant Privacy Policy (compliant with US, Canada, Australia and EU data privacy laws)
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms and Conditions Policy

A Privacy Policy is a legal requirement without which you can be fined. Disclaimer and Terms of Use webpage policies are important to shield your business and webpage from liability, dictate what behavior is allowed on your webpage, and protect your intellectual property.
This bundle also includes video tutorials for each contract and website policy to walk you through customization of these policies as quickly as possible, so you understand what you’re posting on your webpage.

All in time investment for client contract plus webpage policies= under an hour if you watch all video tutorials. Your webpage policies can be knocked out in 15 minutes.

If you’re a virtual assistant who has a website or plans on adding a website down the road, and is either about to hire a subcontractor (or anyone else to work in your business) or plans to down the road, this Deluxe VA Bundle is the definitely the most cost-effective way to set your VA business up for success as you grow and scale.