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Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement

Client contract for any virtual assistant services. If you do both social media management and other VA tasks, use this.

Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement


If you are a virtual assistant performing any services for a client-email marketing, personal assistant tasks, social media engagement, etc.-you absolutely need to protect yourself and your business with a detailed contract that outlines the scope of the services you’re providing. Just getting a client to agree to a proposal is not enough; a contract not only protects you legally (which a proposal does not), but it also can help protect you from scope creep, client overreach, and early cancellation without notice, while ensuring you get paid.

Virtual assistants need a strong, but flexible contract. Given the wide range of services VA’s may perform, and the fact that some clients might be billed hourly, some might be on retainer, and some might just hire you for a particular project, you need a contract that gives you the ability to quickly tweak for each client.

We’ve talked to many VA’s, and we know that boundaries and scope creep can be an issue, as can early cancellations without enough notice, clients wanting to rollover hours from month to month (but not telling you in advance) and more. Our contracts are drafted to protect you accordingly, and we guide you step-by-step so you have a strong contract with clear terms you understand. You’ll also have a video tutorial so you’ll understand exactly what you’re asking clients to sign.

Time investment: 40 minutes or less (including the time it takes to watch the video if you want)

If you provide any sort of virtual assistant services for a client, then yes. Our virtual assistant contract is detailed and flexible enough to protect you regardless of how you’re charging and if you’re performing different services for different clients. If you hire subcontractors to work for you, or plan on hiring service providers for services for your business (like a logo or branding), check out our Virtual Assistant Bundle. If you have a web page, you really need to make sure your webpage is compliant with all laws and you’ve protected it legally. Check out our Virtual Assistant Deluxe Bundle which includes the Virtual Assistant Client Services Agreement you need for working with clients, the Independent Contractor Agreement for hiring, and the webpage policies you need for your webpage.