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VIP day

VIP Day/Paid Intensive

Contract for any coach or OSP offering a VIP Day or any paid intensive (e.g. Power Hour)

VIP Day/Paid Intensive


Offering a short paid call or an intensive VIP Day? You may not already have a relationship with the buyer, so protecting yourself from payment issues becomes even more important, particularly if you’re offering the option of paying in installments. You also need to protect your time and boundaries, especially if you’re offering limited support after the intensive, and you need to level set expectations about what can be expected from a short session versus a longer term relationship with you. Pop this contract into your checkout and buyers will agree to its terms before they can complete their purchase, protecting you, your payments, your time, and more.

Paid intensives offer a great opportunity to connect with clients you wouldn’t otherwise, as maybe they’re not ready to invest in your high ticket services yet, but still want to work with you. Or maybe you want to help clients by doing a deep dive into their business via a VIP Day, versus a longer term relationship. Regardless, paid incentives are a great addition to any product suite as they offer new clients different opportunities to work with you, with less of a time commitment on your part.

But just because intensives are shorter than longer term relationships, doesn’t mean that they don’t need contractual protection like you’d have for any 1:1 client. Beyond protecting yourself from liability, you need to protect your payments, and protect your boundaries so buyers know exactly when, how, and for how long you are available to them as part of the intensive (otherwise prepare for scope creep!). You need to be clear that you don’t offer refunds, regardless of whether they change their mind or have to cancel, and you need strong disclaimers protecting you from claims they didn’t achieve the results they expected from you.

You also need to protect your intellectual property. A lot of business owners don’t think about this, but sometimes they use templates, processes or products they’ve created when working with clients in paid intensives. While the client will own the work you create together during the intensive, you need to make it clear that they don’t also own your template or process, so you prevent them from having the ability to reshare it or sell it.

This goes in your checkout as something buyers have to agree to before they can complete checkout, and once they click to agree, they’re bound to its terms.

Time to customize: less than 30 minutes (including the time it takes to watch the video tutorial!)

Are you offering a paid intensive? Then yes. If you will have a longer relationship with a client or an ongoing relationship with a client, you’ll either want our 1:1 Coaching Contract or our Client Services Agreement. If you’re offering a paid masterclass, workshop, or webinar, you’re going to want to use our Masterclass/Workshop/Webinar Agreement instead.