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Website Disclaimer

Must-have liability protection for all business websites.

Website Disclaimer


A comprehensive Disclaimer Policy is critical for every business owner’s website. Your Disclaimer Policy lets your visitors know that your site isn’t offering professional advice, so you can’t be held liable should someone somehow misuse the information you’re presenting, or rely on the information and not get the results they wanted. In addition, if you have any affiliate programs on your website, disclosing those relationships in a Disclaimer Policy is a mandatory legal requirement.

Our Disclaimer Policy is like a legal shield that provides a buffer should someone misuse the information you provide on your website or expect (and not achieve) results a previous client has described in a testimonial on your website. Also, very importantly, it makes clear that your website is offered for informational purposes only, and should be considered professional advice they should rely on, in exchange for consultation with a professional. Our Disclaimer Policy also covers “earnings and benefits,” making clear that you do not guarantee any particular health, business, financial or other beneficial results. This Disclaimer Policy places responsibility for results achieved from your website with the individual using your website, where it belongs.

In addition, if you do any of the following, you need a Disclaimer policy:

  • Sell products or services through your website
  • Are in the health/medical, nutrition, fitness, financial, business or other similar industry where someone might rely on any information you present as “professional advice”
  • Have affiliate links
  • Run ads
  • Link to third party websites.

Everyone should have a Disclaimer policy on their business webpage because it protects you from someone misusing the information on your site, or claiming your site didn’t give them results they expected. If you don’t already have a Privacy Policy (mandatory legal requirement: you could be fined without one!) and a Terms and Conditions Policy, check out our Website Policies Bundle. It has all 3 website policies you need to protect your site, and you’ll save over $100 buying the bundle versus each policy individually.