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Website Policies Bundle

For all businesses except for e-commerce businesses selling physical products

Website Policies Bundle


Save over $100 purchasing this bundle versus buying policies individually!

Your website is your business’s storefront, even if you’re not selling from it. You need to protect it and comply with all laws just the same as if you were running a brick and mortar store. You wouldn’t allow shoplifters to steal your products or people to behave badly in your store, right? Same goes for your website. You need to protect yourself from people stealing your content, dropping inappropriate comments on your blog posts, misusing your information and getting injured, and more.

Did you know that you can be fined without a Privacy Policy? Or that payment providers like Stripe might withhold your payments without one? This bundle has the Privacy Policy you need to comply with global privacy laws, the Terms and Conditions policy you need to protect your content, and the Disclaimer Policy you need to shield you from anyone claiming your information injured them in some way. You can have all 3 policies completed and ready for your site in under 30 minutes.

More cost-effective than purchasing each webpage legal policy template individually, this webpage policy bundle includes each template you need to get your website legally protected and compliant. Avoid the possibility of fines for non-compliance in under 30 minutes.

This bundle includes:

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant Privacy Policy (compliant with US, Canada, and EU data privacy laws)
  • Disclaimer Policy
  • Terms and Conditions Policy

This bundle also includes video tutorials for each template to walk you through customization of these policies as quickly as possible, so you understand what you’re posting on your webpage.

Do you have a website? Then, yes! If you’re a services business, or you sell digital products from your website, this is the website policy bundle for you. If you sell physical products or run an online marketplace, you’ll want our Website Policies for E-Commerce Businesses. Also, take a look at our contract bundles for your business type. Regardless of whether you’re a coach, an online service provider, virtual assistant, social media manager or course creator, we have bundles that include these webpage policies plus the client contract or course contract you need to protect yourself. If you also need your client/course contracts, it’s less expensive to grab one of those bundles, so check them out!