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Ever wished you had a business lawyer in your back pocket?

Get the contracts, info, action plan, and ongoing support you need to build a legal business. It's the next best thing to having a lawyer in your back pocket.

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Are you an online business owner completely overwhelmed by trying to figure out:

What contracts do I need? How do I get them?

Do I need an LLC? How do I form one?

How do I make sure clients pay-and pay on time?

How do I protect my content?

Am I missing something? Is my business compliant with all laws?

And…how much is this going to cost me?

I get it!

Legal can seem intimidating and overwhelming. For some, it’s on par with a trip to the dentist.

Getting a business logo or a sleek new website? Much more of a fun spend than contracts for your business.

However, without the right legal foundation, everything else is just window dressing, and you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Think of it like building a house. You pour the concrete before you choose your paint colors, right?

Same goes for legal and your business. You need a solid foundation, which is the right corporate structure (e.g. LLC). You need contracts, which guide the entire relationship with your client, dictating everything from what you're doing, to how, what and when you'll get paid. Think of contracts like the roof and the studs.

But that’s not all. You need to protect everything in your house, right? You don’t want someone coming along and stealing your stuff.

Same goes for your business. Contracts and copyright protect your intellectual property, whether you have a group program, online services, a course, or are just sharing great (info-packed) freebies.

And don’t forget insurance in the event of a disaster. Just like you'd protect your home with homeowner's insurance, you need to insure your business, too.

In other words, legal affects literally every facet of your business. You can’t succeed without it. And trying to do it yourself is about as effective as trying to build a house yourself. You don't have the right tools, knowledge or experience. And it's going to cost you big time:

  • Forced refunds
  • Clients ghosting on payments
  • Total rebrand because you chose the wrong name

...and so much more.
And not to scare you, but small business cases can cost $50k+ just to litigate. Trust me, you don't want to get sued.

🏠 Let's build the right foundation now. 🏠

Back Pocket Legal™ is your all-in-one legal solution.

Everything you need to start, run, and grow a legally protected business.

You’ll get the contracts you need now—plus the contracts you’ll need as you scale — and the video tutorials that come with each contract, so you can knock each out in less than 30 minutes.

As quickly as possible (we’re all about getting you what you need efficiently, without fluff), I’ll teach you the basics of incorporating your business, business insurance, copyright, and what to do when things go wrong.

You’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to trademark your business! We’ve incorporated our DIY Trademark course into BPL so you can set your business up for serious success from the start.

You’ll finish BPL confident you’ve not only protected your business and your content via killer contracts, but you know what you need to do if things go south with your clients and you know how to stay compliant with all laws.

Plus, you’ll have ongoing support from me in the form of biweekly live sessions for any questions.

Meet Mairin

Hi! I’m Mairin Van Shura, a virtual lawyer and entrepreneur. If you’re like me, you’re a little obsessed with your business and would do anything to protect it.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many well-intentioned business owners suffer from not having the right contracts or legal know-how:
  • Clients ghosting on installment payments
  • Clients requesting refunds on non-refundable services, programs, and online courses
  • Clients demanding 24/7 access to coaches and OSPs
  • Repeated requests for postponements or cancellations of meetings from flaky clients
  • Clients cancelling services early with no notice
  • Clients taking forever to approve revisions, causing major delays, or wanting revision after revision they haven’t paid for

Let’s protect your business

I'm In!

Mairin Van Shura

We'll help you build a better business.

Did you know that getting legal can help you build better relationships with your clients, make more money, and improve work/life balance?

Legal isn't just doom and gloom and worst case scenario protection.

The right contracts, which you'll get in BPL:

  • Eliminate scope creep
  • Protect against early cancellations
  • Enforce your boundaries and protect your time and energy
  • Protect your payments so you're not wasting time chasing money owed
  • Allow you to offer new and different services and products
  • Give you confidence and credibility to charge more and take on higher ticket clients
  • Help you fight Imposter Syndrome because you're treating your business just like you know the 6/7/8 figure business owner you're aspiring to be would. That business owner is not using free contracts of dubious origin, "borrowing" a friend's, or trying to cobble together her own contracts via late night Google searches.

This is your business, not a hobby. You need to treat it accordingly.

What you’ll get in Back Pocket Legal™

back pocket legal contents

My ENTIRE bank of contracts!

If you're a coach or an online service provider, you'll get all of the client and launch contracts you need plus webpage policies to protect your site and avoid fines. You'll also get quick videos walking you through customizing your contracts and a guide telling you exactly what contracts you need when.

You'll get the contracts you need for:
  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Client work as an OSP (social media managers, VA's, OBM's, consultants, brand experts, web developers, and more...if you're providing services online, our client agreements will work for you!)
  • Selling a course
  • Running a mastermind
  • Offering paid intensives or VIP Days
  • Hiring a service provider for your business
  • Protecting your confidentiality
  • Protecting your webpage
  • Collaborating with other business owners
  • Starting a referral program.

PLUS: Any time we create new contracts within the next year, they'll be dropped into BPL!

Why is this so valuable?

Let’s say you’re a newish coach.

You offer both individual coaching and a group program:

1:1 Coaching Contract: $399

Group Program Contract: $399

You’re building a website for your business:

Webpage Policies Bundle (Privacy Policy is a legal requirement!): $549

You’re about to hire a VA to do your social media:

Independent Contractor Agreement: $399

You want to turn your group program into an evergreen course:

Terms of Use for Online Courses: $399

You want to offer a VIP Day:

Terms of Use for Paid Intensive: $399

It adds up very quickly, and this doesn’t even include the contracts you need if you want to run a challenge to build your email list, or host a retreat, or start that referral program you’ve been thinking about. 


And that’s just contracts! Throw in the investment to work with a trademark lawyer and…

BPL pays for itself quickly.

🔥 5 Bite-sized Legal Modules

BPL will teach you everything you need to know to start and run a legal business in easily digestible modules covering, amongst other important info:

  • How to properly set up your business (think LLC, tax ID, etc.)
  • What you need to know about business insurance
  • How to protect your content
  • How to launch a new program or course
  • How to run giveaways and challenges
  • Social media best practices
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • How to trademark your brand

💥 Biweekly Live Q&A

Regular access to a lawyer not billing you by the hour! You’ll get answers to your legal questions, as well as answers to the questions I’m asked most frequently, and short trainings on relevant topics as they come up.

Why am I so passionate about Back Pocket Legal™️ for you?

Becoming an entrepreneur has changed my life, giving me a level of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose I didn’t think was possible when I was practicing law. I want you to experience that same freedom. Knowing you’ve set up your business properly, protected it comprehensively, and established yourself as a serious business owner from the outset gives you massive peace of mind and confidence. You have the freedom to make big moves because you know you’ve laid the proper foundation.


And with a trademark, you’ve taken the step to own your brand from the beginning, a step many business owners don’t take (to their detriment) for years.

Back Pocket Legal ™️ gives you a start-to-finish legal solution, whether you’re brand new to online business, or are more seasoned. Working with a lawyer like me for custom contracts and a trademark is a large investment many new business owners can’t make when they’re starting out. BPL is the next best thing. I’ve obsessed over BPL to make it as close to custom as I can in course form. It’s also going to teach you important topics like how to navigate social media you wouldn’t learn just by paying a lawyer for custom work.

Get Back Pocket LegalTM

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Pay in Full

  • My entire bank of contracts
  • Video tutorials to help you customize contracts quickly
  • Getting legal checklist
  • 5 bite-sized but info-packed modules
  • Live biweekly Q&A
  • Step-by-step instructions to DIY your trademark

Pay in Installments

  • My entire bank of contracts
  • Video tutorials to help you customize contracts quickly
  • Getting legal checklist
  • 5 bite-sized but info-packed modules
  • Live biweekly Q&A
  • Step-by-step instructions to DIY your trademark

Still on the fence? Back Pocket Legal™ is for you if…

– You’re brand new to online business and don’t have a clue where to start.

You have no idea who drafted your current client contracts and whether they actually say what you think they say.

– You: “What’s a Privacy Policy? I need legal stuff for my website or I could be fined?!”

You’re ready to launch a course, mastermind, VIP Day, workshop or paid intensive, and had no idea you needed a contract for each until you saw this page 😉.

– You didn’t have time to build the right legal foundation. You need to form your LLC and you’re ready to hire a contractor.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level, and you know that means lawyer-drafted contracts and trademarking your brand.

– Legal gives you nightmares. You worry you’re doing something wrong and are going to get in trouble. You want to feel confident that you’ve protected your business as much as possible, and understand what you need to do if things go wrong.

Yes, this is for me!

Mairin Van shura

So how does BPL work?

Contracts, info, and action plan you need to protect your business quickly, plus biweekly live Q&A!

Step 1

Once you complete your purchase, you'll immediately get access to your Kajabi site where all contracts and BPL modules are housed.

Step 2

Download the contracts you need. You'll have access to all of the contracts in our database for a full year.

Step 3

Watch BPL modules and learn the basics of insurance, setting up your business properly, how to trademark your business, copyright, and what to do when things go wrong.

Step 4

Attend biweekly live Q&A's for ongoing support or watch the recordings, uploaded to your account for easy access.

A peek inside the BPL modules...



  • A welcome to BPL and instructions on how to find everything in the course, including the contracts you need specific to your business, and information on the biweekly lives.


Business Structures & Insurance

  • Learn about sole-proprietorships, LLC’s and S-corps, how to set up an LLC, and how to file for an EIN.
  • We’ll walk through the basics of business insurance including what it is, its limitations, pros and cons, and who should have it.


Copyright & Navigating Social Media

  • Learn the basics of copyright and social media best practices
  • Instruction in how to legally launch promotions and giveaways on social media platforms



  • As a Back Pocket Legal™️ member, you get access to our DIY trademark course, Lock Up Your Brand™️ .
  • You'll learn what searches you need to run before finalizing your business, course, or program name, plus how to avoid infringing on someone else's trademark, and I'll walk you through the application process, step-by-step, using a real world application.


What to Do When Things Go Wrong

  • What do you do when a client is late or defaults on payment altogether? What steps do you need to take if someone steals your content? Module 5 answers all of these questions and more.

Back Pocket Legal Highlights:

🔥 Knock out all the contracts you need for your business quickly

🔥 Learn what you need to do in order to start, run, and grow a legal business

🔥 Get ongoing support and training via our biweekly live Q&A sessions

🔥 Build the right legal foundation

🔥 Learn how to trademark your brand now, plus how to trademark any courses or programs you launch in the future!

Still have questions? Check out these FAQs:

Great question. Once you purchase, you’ll be emailed your Kajabi login information. This will give you access for an entire year to all of the contracts in Kajabi!

You’ll get a detailed info guide that will walk you through what you need by business type. Contracts are divided in Kajabi by business type and launch type, so you’ll easily see what client contracts you need to download, plus what contracts you need for your next launch, and what you need for your webpage.

Yes. Your contracts will be in Word format. You’ll be able to download them directly from your Kajabi account. Every section you need to customize will be highlighted, and you’ll be provided with instructions in the templates themselves, and via video tutorial for each contract. Once the contracts are completed, they can be uploaded into your electronic system.

Absolutely. Just because you don’t work with clients one-on-one doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your business legally. In fact, the nature of your type of business actually introduces unique legal nuances (like intellectual property). You still need contracts, just a different type than if you were working with clients directly. With this program, you’ll learn exactly what contracts you need and why, and can download and customize them and have them ready for your website by the end of the program.


Also, you really should be thinking about trademarking your course name so you have exclusive use of it and no one else can use it. In BPL, I’ll walk you through how to trademark step-by-step!

Every fortnight, Mairin will go live on Zoom. You can ask questions during the sessions, and you’ll also have the opportunity to send us questions in advance via a Google Doc survey which will be emailed to you ahead of each session. All sessions will be recorded and available to you in your Kajabi account.

You will have access to live sessions and session recordings for the life of the program.

Material to be covered in live sessions varies, but in addition to answering your questions, we’ll discuss recent legal mistakes we’ve seen. When it comes to legal, you often don’t know what you don’t know, so reviewing where other business owners are going wrong can be hugely helpful.

Yes, but with a caveat. All of our contract templates are drafted to work internationally, so you can use them in your country. However, the DIY trademark course won’t be applicable to you, unfortunately. In the U.S., the law requires anyone from outside of the United States applying for a U.S. trademark to work with a U.S. licensed attorney. This isn’t to say you can’t benefit from the info, though. If you want to trademark in the U.S., you can take the trademark modules and do the searches, thereby minimizing the amount of time you’ll need a trademark lawyer for and reducing your costs.

You will have access to all of the material inside of BPL for the life of the program. Material includes all modules, contract templates, and recordings of live sessions.

No. Mairin is an attorney, but taking this program does not in any way create an attorney-client relationship between you and her or you and Solivagant Legal and we can’t offer personalized legal advice. This program will give you the tools and knowledge you need to customize your contracts yourself (and that’s why we are able to offer this program at this cost versus something easily 5 times as expensive), but Mairin cannot customize them for you.

The best time to get your contracts in place? Before you get your first client. You don’t need to be making a certain amount of money before it’s appropriate to protect yourself, your business, and ensure you get paid! In fact, new business owners often get taken advantage of (ahem, scope creep) because they don’t have a contract clearly outlining the services they’re providing, their boundaries as to when and how they’re available to clients, and payment terms (especially in the event of late or default payments) when they get their first client.

You-and your prospective clients-will start taking you and your business more seriously once you’ve created that solid business foundation and started showing up as the business owner you aspire to be.

If you’re worried about the financial investment, we don’t want anyone to not protect their business because of finances. We have payment plans that give you the flexibility of multiple payments versus lump sum, so check them out!