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2021 in Review

December 31, 2021

28 things I’ve learned/observed this year



Anyone else happy to see the back of 2021? I’ve never really been a NYE fan, and things aren’t magically going to change at 12:01 am (in fact, I think we’re in for a circus, especially people like me who have “opted out”), but symbolically, I’m excited for the close of what was simultaneously a shit show and a year of massive personal development and growth. I wanted to put together a list of 21 things I learned/observed this year, and in typical lawyer fashion, overdid the assignment. So here are 28: 


1. Most people are floating through their lives like it’s one big to-do list, not living and co-creating their lives with intention. Few take the time to discover what they truly want, and fewer go after that at all costs. The work of finding and becoming You-your most empowered, most authentic, most raw self-is the hardest and most important work you’ll ever do. And it never ends.


2. Don’t take advice from people who have never owned a business and/or aren’t living the type of life you want.


3. Never underestimate the power of a kind word, especially when someone is grieving. So many people reached out after my dad-some I haven’t talked to in 25 years. It helped more than they know. Before my dad passed away, I was always afraid of saying the wrong thing when someone died. Now I realize how powerful even saying “I don’t know what to say, but I’m here” can be.


4. Instead of trying to correct/eliminate your weaknesses, focus on and cultivate your strengths.


5. Always pack snacks. If you’re sick in a foreign country, at least you have chicken jerky to subsist on. 


6. Common sense is not so common (actually, Thomas Paine said that, not me. But still relevant).


7. Both main political parties are 2 sides of the same corrupt coin. (I already knew this, it was just reinforced in a big way this year).


8. Allopathic medicine is sick care, not healthcare.


9. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s your soul purpose.


10. Internal life > external life. What we are experiencing externally is a feedback loop reflecting our inner thoughts, self concept, and frequency.


11. Discipline > motivation. Motivation is temporary and usually externally-based.


12. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.


13. Solitude is a gift and one of your greatest teachers. I would not have been able to experience the growth I have since 2020 if I wasn’t okay with being alone.


14. Dogs > most people.


15. When you believe life is magical, and take the time to appreciate everything you’re grateful for, and open yourself up to seeing and experiencing magic, you will. And it’s extraordinary.


16. When you show up as your truest self, you’re going to trigger the F out of some people. Most won’t even know why, they’ll have a visceral reaction to you (just like you probably have a visceral reaction to certain people, the more you tune into your own intuition. I know I do). Don’t worry about it. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. They’re not going where you’re going. It’s human nature to keep people in boxes in our minds. And when you act out of character to the person people think you are in their own minds, it pisses them off. We’re supposed to grow and change, not stay who they think they thought you were. What other people think of you isn’t your business. What matters is what you think of you.


17. At least attempting to speak the native language of whatever country you’re in goes a long way, even if you completely butcher it.


18. My inner circle has gotten even smaller this year and I’m okay with it. When you live authentically, the wrong people fall away and the right people find you.


19. Most “conspiracy theories” are just spoilers at this point.


20. Evil is real. When you take the blinders off, and stop looking at the world through rose-colored, programmed, and conditioned glasses, it’s mind blowing. 


21. So much of what we’ve been taught is complete horseshit motivated by financial interests. Question everything and follow the money. (BTW, I’m not a tin foil hatter. I’m a “research things into the ground, look at every side so as not to have confirmation bias” type person).


22. Weak men are far more dangerous than a strong masculine (don’t @ me or twist this, I mean masculine in the truest sense of the word) who understands and appreciates his own power and keeps it in check. One of the reasons masculinity has been attacked for so long IMO. A collective society of strong masculines would never allow the global destruction of freedom we’re experiencing.


23. The rate at which people will turn against and demonize perfectly healthy loved ones who make certain personal decisions is truly astounding and horrifying.


24. Even if you religiously protect your energy, being around people who are constantly negative or drama-prone is an energy drain. Limit accordingly.


25. The specter of the unknown in our minds is usually scarier than the reality. 


26. Society is suffering from a serious lack of self-accountability. But ruthless self-accountability is critical. When you realize you and only you are responsible for your life, it can be scary, but liberating.


27. Perspective is everything.


28. You have to celebrate where you are, regardless of where you are (especially if you’re someone like me and you’re always moving the goalposts on yourself).


I’m heading into 2022 with this question I plan on asking myself every day: “How good does it get to be? How amazing can my life be?” And crafting and co-creating my life accordingly, following the intuitive nudges I get. It’s going to be incredible. Happy New Year!