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Website Privacy Policy

GDPR and CCPA compliant for all business websites.

Website Privacy Policy


Most countries (including US, Australia, Canada and the EU) require a website Privacy Policy. If you collect any personal information on your website (and the vast majority of business websites do; if you track cookies, collect names, email addresses, or payment information, have a contact us form, allow people to download from your website, etc.), a Privacy Policy is a mandatory legal requirement. Without one, you could be fined and have issues with Stripe, Google Analytics, and other providers that require a compliant Privacy Policy. Laws frequently change and most free contracts are not only not updated, they don’t have all the information legally required, so get a legit Privacy Policy you can knock out in 10 minutes, stick in your website footer, and not have to worry about again!

Laws frequently change, and regulations like the GDPR (European Union) and CCPA (California) are only the tip of the iceberg as far as increased rules regarding personal information and data security. Most free templates not provide the necessary information in their policies to make you and your business compliant with these laws, and custom documents from an attorney would cost you $$$. Our templates provide a happy medium to get you compliant quickly and easily. As a side note, if laws ever change and our Privacy Policy template needs to be updated accordingly, you’ll be notified and we’ll send you the updated policy.

Our Privacy Policy template:

  • Is GDPR, CCPA, CalOPPA, and CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • Contains a cookie policy (GDPR requirement)
  • Has step-by-step video instructions for customization
  • Includes a “plain English” video to decipher mandatory legalese so you can understand exactly what you’re putting on your webpage
  • Describes the collection, share, disclosure, transfer, retention, and security of personal information

Do you have a business website? Then, yes, this is for you. Yes! Anyone with a website collecting personal information (i.e. anyone with a website!) needs a Privacy Policy compliant with data privacy and security laws and regulations. If you don’t already have a Terms and Conditions Policy and a Disclaimer Policy, the 2 other policies every business website should have, check out our Website Policies Bundle. You’ll save over $100 on the bundle versus purchasing each policy individually.