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Testimonial Release

Use this release for collecting social proof from your clients

Testimonial Release


You know how important social proof is for your online business, but did you know you need a client’s permission before publishing their testimonial? Seems counterintuitive; if they gave you a testimonial, they’d obviously be okay with you sharing it, right? Under the law, however, you need their permission before publishing any personally identifiable info (e.g. name, business name, photo, etc.) in conjunction with the testimonial. Also, any review a client creates is actually their copyrighted material, meaning, unless they release it to you, they own copyright rights in whatever they create. Have clients agree to this Release and the testimonial is yours to use anywhere.

Testimonials are a key part of any online business. How often do you read reviews before you decide to purchase something-even a small Amazon purchase? Your customers are the same. But in order to use a testimonial given to you, you need your client’s permission. And while asking their permission via email or other method (so you have it in writing) is permissible, as business owners scaling your businesses, you want a systematized process, not something haphazard like asking clients for testimonials and releases only when you remember (and are you remembering to ask for testimonials every time? 😬). With this testimonial release, you can build the collection of testimonials into your workflow so collecting social proof and the permission to use it is a natural part of your process.

This release will take under 30 seconds to complete (just fill in your company name and upload to your electronic signature system, or send to clients directly for their signature). Grab it now and start collecting social proof today!

Are you getting testimonials from clients? Then, yes, this is for you! Before publishing a client’s testimonial, you need their permission (and you always want their permission in writing) before publishing their name, business name, or any other personally identifiable information. This release can be used for all of your clients. Build it into your business’s system and collect social proof (and client’s permission to use that proof) easily and seamlessly.