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Website Terms & Conditions (E-Commerce & Online Marketplace)

For websites selling physical goods or online marketplaces.

Website Terms & Conditions (E-Commerce & Online Marketplace)


Especially for e-commerce businesses, a strong Terms and Conditions Policy for your website is critical. It protects your intellectual property/original content on your site, covers payment terms such as your refund policy (a policy which is a legal requirement in some countries), and shields you from someone misusing your information. This Terms and Conditions policy is designed for e-commerce business owners and those with an online marketplace (where you’re selling other peoples’ products, not your own).

A Terms and Conditions policy shields you from liability for the actions of others on your website. For example, say someone posts a photo they stole from someone else on your website or associated social media. Or they disparage someone in the Comments section of your webpage. A well-drafted Terms and Conditions policy protects you from copyright infringement claims from the photograph owner, and any claims associated with the derogatory terms posted on your website.

Our Terms and Conditions template not only covers the clauses to keep you legally compliant, but also has the necessary provisions to protect you from theft of your content and misuse of your website.

This Terms and Conditions template includes:

  • Protection for your intellectual property (your posts, videos, downloadable material, etc.)
  • Provisions outlining what behavior you won’t tolerate on your webpage (important for webpages that have blogs or linked social media pages where users can leave comments)
  • Payment and refund terms
  • How you resolve potential disputes arising out of your webpage, or the sale of your products or services
  • A quick instructional video outlining how to customize the Terms for your webpage and briefly outlining the most important sections-so you know and understand what you’re posting on your webpage.

If you have an e-commerce business selling physical products or an online marketplace, this Terms and Conditions policy is for you. However, you also need a Privacy Policy (a legal requirement without which you can be fined) and a strong Disclaimer Policy, so make sure to check out our Website Policies Bundle for E-Commerce Businesses. It has all 3 policies you need and you’ll save money ($100+) buying the bundle versus buying each policy individually.