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Legal Documents Your Business Needs

If you’re here, you’re a busy business owner. You don’t have time to research the legal documents you need for your business, or even the time to research an attorney you then have to pay by the hour. This checklist will walk you through what you need step-by-step, by business type, to help point you in the right direction.


Is your website legally compliant?

If you collect any personal information through form submissions, analytics, cookies or purchases, your website must meet minimum compliance standards. Otherwise, you’re vulnerable to fines and some payment processors won’t process payments you receive from clients. Terms and Conditions policies dictate, amongst other things, what behavior is allowed and is not allowed on your website, and a Disclaimer Policy is critical for limiting your liability should someone use or misuse any information you present and get hurt or somehow experience damages. It’s also where most business owners disclose affiliate links, ads, etc.

Our comprehensive guide walks you through these policies and the various compliance requirements for websites in 2020, why they matter and how to make sure you’re staying on top of it all.

Is your Privacy Policy GDPR-compliant?

The GDPR, the EU’s strict data privacy law, affects business owners and their webpages directly as compliance is a legal requirement for anyone who has web traffic from the European Union. Even if your main audience is not EU-based, if you receive any visitors from the EU, your website must comply. If not, under the GDPR, the EU can levy substantial fines. Use this checklist as a starting point to identify potential gaps in your Privacy Policy to help ensure your policy is GDPR-compliant.


5 Things To Consider Before Filing For Trademark Protection

A trademark can be a hugely valuable asset to any business owner, providing benefits including brand protection and exclusivity. The trademark process can be lengthy and expensive, however. If you’re considering a trademark in the United States, check out this list of 5 things to consider before filing an application. It can help you decide whether what you’re trying to trademark can be trademarked, and some preliminary steps you can take before filing to better evaluate whether your application may be accepted.


How to Maximize Your Coaching Agreement

Did you know your Coaching Agreement can not only be a legal protective shield for you, it can also help you grow your business? If you don’t yet have a Coaching Agreement, this webinar will explain why you need one ASAP, and how you can get a great one in place quickly.

Already have a Coaching Agreement? Learn strategies you can implement in your Agreement to protect you more comprehensively, ensure you get paid regardless of the circumstances, restore your sanity with better boundary protection, and grow your business.

Get Legal in Under 30 Minutes: Webpage Policies

Did you know all websites are required to have a Privacy Policy? If you collect any personal information through form submissions, analytics, cookies, purchases and more…your site must meet minimum compliance standards. In this webinar, we cover what policies your webpage needs to comply with the law (Privacy Policy) and the additional policies your website needs (Terms and Conditions and a Disclaimer Policy) in order to adequately legally protect your business and your website. We’ll talk about the most important parts of each policy, how to properly draft your copyright, and how you can get these policies done in less than 20 minutes…so you’re compliant and protected.

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