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Introversion and Inadvertently Playing Small

November 15, 2021


I’m sure I’ll talk about it a lot here because I think introversion can be so misunderstood, and that it can be a superpower in business (see my video for 5 ways introversion is a business superpower), but as an introvert, I thought I wanted to keep a low profile growing my business. I saw what some business owners were sharing on social media when I first started and not only did it seem completely foreign to me as someone who really only used social media to post travel pics, it seemed unnatural (who cares what I had for breakfast?). My first instinct is never to share on social media when something happens.


I wanted to build an engaged community where I could provide valuable info and stellar products, helping amazing business owners and building my hair loss business on the side. Travel the world while working 3 days a week (hahaha the latter is a pipe dream to date, but I’ll get there). Sharing little bits of myself and my life on my terms when I felt like it. But what I didn’t realize:


The further I travel down this long (and frankly, never ending) personal development road, the more I learn about myself. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion and it’s been a revelation, especially as someone who’s always considered myself introspective. I haven’t thought about my journey much in terms of it being helpful to anyone else because it’s just my story. But what I’ve learned is that I may not have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro or circumvented the globe on a unicycle, but battling depression, anxiety, chronic health issues (more on all of that coming soon)…there’s so much of my journey and what I’ve learned that’s helpful. I’m constantly trying new things, new modalities, challenging my thoughts and limiting beliefs. Working on eradicating negative thought patterns. Hacking my mind and body. Going from a type A rational, pragmatic, skeptical lawyer with pretty black and white thinking, to a spiritual business owner, embracing alternative therapies, journaling, meditating, and questioning absolutely everything.


And completely burning down/altering every area of my life in the name of freedom at age 37? Maybe that’s aspirational.


And man do I have stories. 😆😅




Through this journey, I’ve been called to stretch and expand…big time. The more I learn and embody Me, the more called I feel to share my story. The vision-not just of this business and my hair loss business, but the business above the businesses-is so huge it scares me (y’all as fellow business owners are the only people I can share this with…what’s the saying about not sharing big dreams with small minds? 😬) Part of that involves analyzing all my old thought patterns including how I view myself. I will always need to protect my energy and need a boatload of alone time, but I think I was unconsciously keeping myself small in the name of privacy and the preconceived notion that sharing more than a little would drain me, when in fact, it’s connected me to my some incredible business owners. High vibe business owners I can talk life and business with who energize me, not drain me. And even though it’s wildly uncomfortable to talk about some topics, I also love the idea of facing things head on, feeling the pain, moving through it, and alchemizing it.


And to be perfectly honest, I can’t stand talking about legal 24/7. 😬🙈 Even on my Instagram account I’d inadvertently pigeonholed myself. Sure, I talked about my travels and mindset occasionally. But I thought I needed to keep my account pretty laser-focused on legal. That’s what everyone was following me for, right? Legal tips? But legal is a small part of what I do, not who I am.


I’m looking forward to sharing my crazy stories, my personal development journey, all the weird and wonderful ways I’m hacking my body and my mind, and a little legal 101 here. Thanks for joining!